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M Diamond Angus cattle

Herd Sires

M Diamond Angus herd bull U-2 Coalition 206C

Registration Number: 18626847
Date of Birth: January 23, 2015
Sire: HF Syndicate 213Z
Dam: U2 Erelite 109Z
Pedigree / EPD

U-2 Coalition 206C

Coalition’s ability to sire like phenotype is uncanny. The sons he sires are consistently good hipped, expressively muscled, correct in their structure and rich in Angus breed character. More impactful than his sons will be the legacy he leaves through his daughters. With the backing of his picturesque and powerful dam, Erelite 109Z, he consistently passes on her exquisite phenotype, refined teats, and well attached udder. Our Coalition daughters are the kind to build a program around. They are herd builders, carrying unparalleled maternal strength with enough muscle, power, and phenotype to thrive across all facets of the beef industry.

M Diamond Angus herd bull S Wrangler 830

Registration Number: 19198304
Date of Birth: February 25, 2018
Sire: U2 Coalition 206C
Dam: S Erica 6196
Pedigree / EPD

S Wrangler 830

S Wrangler 830 is a calving ease Coalition son with a dominating phenotypic presence and a pedigree stacked with performance and maternal patriarchs. Wrangler’s dam is double bred to the popular Genex sire, Chisum, who consistently sires muscle, mass and power, while enhancing maternal production. Wrangler was retained from his calf crop by Spickler South, and an interest was later sold to M Diamond Angus, WY. He has been used successfully on a large number of both registered and commercial heifers. Wrangler himself is a very good structured, exceptionally quiet bull, with a poise and presence about himself that further separates him as an elite herd bull. He is seeing heavy use at both M Diamond and Spickler South. The consistency and quality he sired in his first calf crop has him marked early as an elite producing sire.

M Diamond Angus herd bull M Diamond Businessman 727

Registration Number: 19054953
Date of Birth: March 2, 2017
Sire: Connealy Capitalist
Dam: S Gloria 1194
Pedigree / EPD


Businessman progeny have proven to come small and show explosive growth to weaning. They are deep, thick and wide with exceptional structural integrity. His first females will calve For us this spring and appear to be the kind with the “Drive to Thrive” in our environment. His calves at M Diamond post progeny birth ratio of 97 combined with progeny weaning ratio of 104.


Cornerstone was the high selling bull at the 2017 Spickler Ranch South sale. He presents a phenotypic, performance and maternal package that is second to none. His dam, S Blossom 0278, is a tremendous cow that will continue to leave her mark on the Angus breed for years to come. His 3-generation pedigree is composed of 12 pathfinders. His progeny ratios are as follows birth 99, weaning and yearling 101. 60 daughters in 8 herds show a combined weaning ratio of 102 on 80 calves.

Registration Number: 19843490
Date of Birth: February 5, 2019
Sire: Coleman Bravo 6313
Dam: U-2 Ms Morrison 2592
Pedigree / EPD


Boardwalk is a powerful individual with tremendous capacity and thickness along with a impeccable structure. The maternal greatness in his pedigree is second to none. His dam had high selling bull at U2’s 2021 bull sale. He stamped his first calves with a phenotype that is proven to excel in our tough range conditions here in eastern Wyoming.

M Diamond Angus herd bull Marcys Scale Breaker N Plus

Registration Number: 18219249
Date of Birth: February 10, 2015
Sire: Marcys Scale Crusher
Dam: Marcys Treasure 227
Pedigree / EPD


Scale Breaker N Plus sires deep soggy cattle that are a load. He excels in deep ribbed, easy fleshing cattle that are long, stout & full of muscle. With live kill data, he is a high marbling sire that shows his steers fitting the criteria for CAB. Expect his progeny to hold up in tough country with extra do ability. His pathfinder dam is an ET donor with M Diamond Angus. She is deep-ribbed and very easy fleshing. She AI bred every year and Scale Breaker N Plus daughters are doing an outstanding job.

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