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The Angus Female is the emphasis of our program. We demand our cows utilize available forage and convert it efficiently in order to be bred back to calve early in the next calving season and bring in a big healthy calf in the fall.

All this is expected with limited inputs. We also place emphasis on
many of the "convenience traits" not measured by EPD's. These traits include fertility, fleshing ability, mothering ability, udder quality, disposition, and structural soundness. Our commercial herds give us the unique opportunity to evaluate and identify genetics that work, ensuring only the highest quality
genetics are utilized in our registered herds.

Our philosophy is to produce cattle that are WYOMING TESTED TOUGH.

Our customers can be confident our breeding program offers them a unique opportunity to add genetics to their herds that will pass on the necessary traits in order to increase their bottom line. Thus helping to maintain their ranching operations as a sustainable agribusiness enterprise. 

Key Traits

  • Fertility

  • Fleshing Ability

  • Mothering Ability

  • Calving Ease

  • Moderate Frame Score

  • Udder Quality

  • Disposition

  • Structural Soundness

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U2 Erelite 109Z.jpg

REGISTRATION #: 19627845
DATE OF BIRTH: Jan. 21, 2012
SIRE: Young Dale Xclusive 25X 

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U2 Erelite 109Z is a unique blend of massive power and exquisite femininity along with an udder quality and structural soundness that is beyond compare. She is touted by U2 Ranch as "the most influential cow to walk their pastures." That is saying a lot from the program known throughout North America for producing superior females! We agree! U2 Erelite 109Z epitomizes what we envision as the "perfect" Angus cow. We have been looking for this cow ever since we entered the registered Angus business 30 years ago. When the opportunity came to own her, we were determined to bring her to Wyoming thus making her the $140,000 (CAD) high seller of the historic U2 Ranch Complete Dispersion.

Her 3 sons, which include U2 Coalition 206C and U2 Temptation 180E, have averaged $30,167 each and have all been sold as herd bulls. They had average weaning ratios of 113 and yearling ratios of 113.

We look forward with much excitement and anticipation to the positive influence the 109Z progeny will have on our herd and others in the years to come. 

Owned with Spickler Ranch South.

Marcys 13 Ethelda E 15-3.jpg

Marcys 13 Ethelda E 15-3
REGISTRATION #: 17565180
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb. 4, 2013
SIRE: Sitz Upward 307R
DAM: Marcys 01 Ethelda E 82-1

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Marcys 13 Ethelda E 15-3 was selected as the top selling cow of the 2017 Marcy Female Sale and has since went on to prove herself as an elite cow. Garnering over $150,000 in progeny sales she records a progeny weaning ratio of 105 on four natural calves along with progeny IMF and ribeye ratios of 106 and 104, respectively, on 15 head with 14 daughters in production who post a collective progeny weaning ratio of 103. 15-3 is a powerful female with a ton of performance and end product value. She has proven to be the type of cow that you want to build a herd around. She is still being used very heavily in the M Diamond Angus embryo program. She is proving to produce very attractive cattle with lots of rib, a long hip, and plenty of muscle while being exceptional for both IMF and ribeye area. However, the best part of 15-3 are the females in production. They are feminine, functional, clean fronted individuals with a ton of capacity and exceptional udder quality. They flat out produce as is reflected by their collective progeny weaning ratio of 103.

S Gloria 1194 photo.jpg

S Gloria 1194
REGISTRATION #: 17010483
DATE OF BIRTH: Mar. 28, 2011
SIRE: GDAR Game Day 449 
DAM: S Gloria 464

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S Gloria 1194 is a very deep bodied easy fleshing female with great udder attachment. She is very easy keeping and has proven to be a high performing cow. Her pathfinder dam is also the dam of S Chisum 6175. Her herd sire son,
M Diamond Businessman 727's (owned with MR Angus, Wheatland, Wyoming) is showing herd changing potential with his first calf crop. Watch for offspring by K C H Fortress in the near future.

Owned with XL Angus

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